The summer weeks are a prime time to give your child an opportunity to disconnect from the everyday norm (and technology) to enjoy a fun-filled, safe and Bible-focused week. With two chapel services a day (one including an emphasis on missions), plus opportunities to develop the skill of individual Bible Study, our goal is for our campers to go home excited about God’s Word and committing to be in it more, submitting themselves to His will. Our counselors and staff are also highly tuned in to being available for our campers as they grow in their faith.

$170/Full Weeks ($190 after June 1)
$95/WILDERNESS EXPERIENCE & Junior 3 ($115 after June 1)
$40/Starter Camp ($50 after June 1)
Love Offering for Family Camp

Full camp weeks run from Monday to Saturday.
Campers may arrive at 10am to register and find their rooms, with lunch at noon.
Please pick up campers at 9:30am Saturday.
Starter Camp Pick-Up time is 1:30pm Tuesday.
Family Campers may arrive at 10:30am, departure time is Saturday at 2pm.

June 11-16: Full Time Staff/Counselor Training Week

June 18-23: Junior 1 (going into 3rd-6th grade) $170/$190 after June 1
Speaker: Bob Bennett, Baptist Church Planters Representative
Missionary Speaker: 

June 25-30: Junior 2 (going into 3rd-6th grade) $170/$190 after June 1
Speaker: Pastor Jason Baustian, Faith Bible Church, Sac City, IA
Missionary Speaker: Aaron Brudtkuhl, “Missionary Kid” from Berlin, Germany
(Aaron will lead a “mini soccer camp” during this week!)

*NEW* July 2-3 WILDERNESS EXPERIENCE (9th Grade) $95/$115 after June 1
The WILDERNESS EXPERIENCE is designed for the transitional time in a teen’s life. Geared towards moving out of your comfort zone to promote growth as an individual and unity as a group, the WILDERNESS EXPERIENCE is sure to have your teen challenged in a new and positive way. Be ready to face the wilderness with a one-night tent camping and canoeing experience! Limited Registration available.
Wilderness Leader/Speaker: James Peterson, trained wilderness leader from Duluth, MN

July 5-7: Junior 3 (going into 3rd-6th grade) $95/$115 after June 1
Speaker: James Peterson, Duluth, MN

July 9-14: Junior High – $170/$190 after June 1
Speaker: Pastor Jared Cline, First Baptist Church, Vinton, IA
Missionary Speaker: Tim Carmical, Ethnos 360

July 16-21: Senior High – $170/$190 after June 1
Speaker: Pastor Micah Bourdess, Olivet Baptist Church, Westwood, KS
Missionary Speaker: Joel Bourdess, Missions Videography with Biblical Ministries Worldwide.

July 23-24: Starter Camp (going into 1st-2nd) $40/$50 after June 1
Speaker: Jim Engle, Scranton, IA

July 25-28: Family Camp (Families of all ages and stages!) Free Will Offering
Speaker: Pastor Dave Peters, Hagerman Baptist Church, Waterloo, IA
Missionary Speaker: Henry John, Baptist Mid-Missions, India