• What To Bring

    * Bible, writing utensil, notebook * Sleeping Bag/Blankets, sheets, pillow * casual clothing and swim suit (see dress code) *towels and personal articles * money for snacks, crafts, camp store and offering * extra pair of old socks and tennis shoes *any medications must be in original containers * PLEASE DO NOT BRING: cell phones, tablets, music players, game players, knives, firearms, or other weapons, tobacco, alcohol or drugs.


    In seeking to honor Christ, encourage purity of thought and observe modesty, we require that: * shirts must be modest, not low cut and not revealing skin at the waist. A practical solution is to wear t-shirts. No attire promoting alcohol or rock groups. * shorts, dresses and skirts must be within 3 inches of the top of the knee. Long shorts (Bermuda shorts), capris or pants are acceptable. * revealing clothing such as form fitting shorts, yoga pants, leggings, tight shirts, see-through clothing, and loose-fitting muscle shirts cannot be worn alone. *a one-piece swimsuit or a two-piece covered by a non-white T-shirt can be worn for swimming. In deference to other campers, please remove body piercings except for female earrings.


    each camper agrees to obey all rules and regulations of the camp. Any malicious and repeated violations will result in the camper forfeiting all camp fees and being sent home at their sponsors expense. Rules for acceptance and participation are the same for everyone, without regard to race, color, or national origin.