COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

We are so excited to be able to offer camp at RRBC this summer–allowing campers to be challenged in their spiritual walk, enjoying fellowship with fellow believers, while enjoying the great outdoors!

Our staff has put together policies, procedures, and a program that will be fun, safe, and fits within the guidelines of the state of Iowa. As these guidelines change over the course of the summer, we will adjust accordingly. The main guideline is that our campground and gathering areas are at 50% capacity. This will limit our camper/counselor total to 85 individuals. We will register campers in the order that registration forms are received. Once we are at capacity, additional campers will be placed on a waiting list.

Quick Links

Parent/Camper Waiver Form
COVID-19 Camp Policy 2020


In the midst of ALL the changes and ALL these things, we are so thankful that we have a God who does not change. Our prayer is that our campers will have a fun, healthy, safe, and life-changing week!

Health Screening

We will conduct health screenings of every camper and staff member upon their arrival to camp. This will include a temperature check, medical pre-screening form, and medical assessment as needed. Any camper or staff with an elevated temperature according to CDC guidelines will not be admitted to camp. Staff health will also be monitored daily.

Family Involvement

We understand that you want what’s best for your child and want them to have a great experience at RRBC. With that in mind, we ask you to read carefully and fill out the ​Camper/Parent Waiver​ prior to your arrival. If your child has had symptoms 14 days prior to arriving at RRBC or has underlying health conditions, please contact us to evaluate the best option for your child and others at camp.

Camper Illness

Should an illness occur, the affected individual will be isolated as much as possible, the parent/guardian will be contacted, and they will be sent home. Communicable illnesses are an inherent risk of large group gatherings and RRBC is not responsible for campers contracting an illness.


Chapel is a highlight of the day! Social distancing will be observed in the chapel. We will enjoy great worship and learning from God’s Word.

Medical Professionals

RRBC is blessed to have a dedicated team of medical professionals each summer. The medical team is diligent to identify, contain, and treat any illnesses or injuries that occur during the week of camp.

Staff Training

Our staff training includes health and safety procedures. We will emphasize the critical role they play in the health and safety of our campers. Protocol will be developed for proper hand washing, coughing, reporting illness, and following cleaning procedures.

Cleaning Procedures

Our cleaning teams will continue to clean and disinfect buildings daily. We will be disinfecting frequently touched surfaces multiple times a day and taking extra sanitary measures between camp sessions.

Drop Off & Pick Up

Drop Off:​ 10:00-12:00 AM on Mondays
Church Groups:​ We encourage campers to find transportation with their church group when possible.
Parents:​ If you are bringing your own child, our preference is that only one adult brings them. All persons arriving will need to go through the health screening process. We would like to limit the number of extra people when possible.
Pick-Up:​ 9:30 AM on Saturdays

Hand Washing & Hygiene

We will continue to emphasize the importance of washing hands with soap and water. Hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. Each cabin and major building have hand sanitizer available. Campers will be encouraged to use them frequently throughout the day. ​Campers and counselors are encouraged to bring a personal hand sanitizer, water bottle, and face mask (if wanted) with them to camp.


The cabin group is an important part of the camp dynamic. We will alternate camper sleeping arrangements (toe to toe) and alternating bunks to help protect our campers.

Scheduled Cabin Times

Counselors will be given a schedule for each day. This will allow campers to experience all camp has to offer while managing the number of individuals at each activity.

Food Service

Our kitchen staff follows safety and sanitation protocols established by local and state health officials. This summer we will take extra precautions to ensure the safest possible environment in the dining hall. This will include staff distributing food to all campers, sanitizing tables before and after meals, and separating cabins during meal times.
Everyone entering and exiting the dining hall will be required to either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.

Thank You!

Thank you for entrusting your children to RRBC for a week. We do not take this responsibility lightly. Camp is going to look a little different this summer. We will be adhering to state health guidelines and working together to provide a clean and healthy environment for our campers. Thank you for your patience and prayers as we endeavor to plan for camp this summer! We are SO EXCITED to see you in the coming weeks!

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