What to Expect

Upon Arrival

Upon arrival, the parent or guardian should bring the camper, any medications, and any spending money (for Junior High and younger) to the registration table in the R. T. Smith Memorial Chapel. Please take a number in the foyer (for larger camps) and take a seat in the air-conditioned chapel. The registration line will open at the scheduled time for that camp. The staff is not available prior to that time because of other commitments. It is essential to have the camper present at the registration time along with any medications (see Medications Policy) and spending money. For the health of all campers, a discreet lice check will be performed for each camper. Any camper found to have lice cannot be allowed to stay. The swimming pool (weather permitting), miniature golf, recreation room, and playground will be available during the registration period.

Rooming Policy

We know that rooming with old friends at camp is fun; so is meeting new friends. Campers can select another camper (or counselor) that they would like to room with. RRBC allows no more than three close friends in the same room or cabin for the following reasons: Rooming with a room full of old friends discourages the making of new friends. Also, any remaining roommates may end up feeling isolated, not a part of the “group.” Maintaining cabin/room order can become more difficult. We do our best to grant rooming choices, but occasionally it is impossible to grant everyone’s desires. Even when that happens, there are still plenty of opportunities to spend time together throughout the day.

Phoning or Visiting

We take our responsibility of caring for your camper very seriously. If there is an emergency of any kind for your camper (including severe homesickness), we will notify you promptly. We do not allow personal phone calls, either incoming or outgoing, or personal visits during the camp session due to the interruption to the schedule and the effect on camper morale. If a serious concern arises, you may contact the camp director to discuss the situation.

Homesickness Policy

The well-being of each camper is carefully monitored. In the few occasions when a camper is severely homesick, we will attempt to notify the parent or guardian to discuss the situation. We do not allow the camper to call home directly.

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